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7 Tips for Marketing Your Cleaning Business on Social Media

Social media is filled to the brim with buzzworthy, trendy products and services. You might be confused about how to get your cleaning business the exposure it needs in the mainstream social media market. In truth, a lot of people would benefit from your services. They just might not realize it until you educate them. Much of your success depends on the strategies you use market yourself, and how you interact on social media.

1. Share Lots of Pictures

Most people, especially mobile users, have a tendency to scroll through social media rapidly. They don’t want to look through everything – they only want to stop when something catches their eyes. That’s why visuals are so important. If you can show images of a beautiful apartment that you’ve cleaned, people will stop to look. Once you’ve caught them with the image, they’ll read your text.

2. Cross Promote from Your Blog

It may be easier to gain conversions through your blog than through social media, especially if you use virtual appointment scheduling. You can use your social media to get your followers from your Facebook or Instagram to your blog or landing page. If your blog is informative and well organized, people will want to stick around and learn more about what you do.

3. Address Specific Pain Points

General posts and advertisements may not register the same as content that addresses specific pain points. Vary up your posts to showcase specific aspects of your business. Carpet cleaning is different from office space organization. Showcase each and every service you offer individually, and expand to fit their needs. If your clients need something like junk hauling, you can always sublet that part out to a company like 1300 Rubbish. If they want their windows cleaned but also need a few replaced, network with a glass company. Allow them to see the bigger picture.

4. Target Your Advertisements

You’ll catch some fish with generic bait in a busy pond, but you’ll catch the kind of fish you need if you put their favorite snack on the end of your hook and cast right into their nests. Targeted advertisements help you make the most out of your ad dollars, and most social media platforms offer targeted advertisement. If you know that you primarily serve single people between the ages of 30 and 40, then add those specifications to your campaign.

5. Provide Help to Your Followers

Providing useful, memorable content will create brand or business recognition with your customers. Offer some tutorials with pictures for common problems that your customers face. This doesn’t mean that’ll feel inclined to handle everything on their own – they probably wouldn’t have called you just to get a small red wine stain out of carpet, for example. They’ll build trust with you through your help, and when they need someone to come in and tackle a harder job, you’ll be the first name that comes to mind.

6. Use Social Media Referrals and Promotions

Referrals are the best way to get existing customers to bring you new customers. If they know they’ll get a discount the next time they call you, they’ll be more than happy to pass on a recommendation to their friends or family. You can also use social media to hold giveaways. People love free stuff. They’ll engage with your page and share your message for a chance to win a free service. It doesn’t cost them anything.

7. Offer a Ton of Customer Service

Backing up your marketing efforts with superior social media customer service. When people are looking at your social media presence, they’ll notice the way you respond to (or help) your followers. This is your chance to show your customer that your cleaning service is backed by excellent customer service, which is of the utmost importance to them.

Above all else, the most important marketing tip is to watch your results and continue innovating. When you see what’s working, eliminate what isn’t and play to your strengths. It’s all about results.