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Companies A-Z index BA

Name From To
BA Ba Clane Limited Ba Takeaway Limited
BAA Baan Siam Cuisine Limited Baan Yindee Thailand Trust Limited
BAB Baba Exports Limited Baby Universe Limited
BAC Bacchus 2006-1 Public Limited Company Bacus Ui Bhaoill Teoranta
BAD Bada Bing Limited Bad Wolf Properties Limited
BAE Baecorp Studios Limited Bae Systems Applied Intelligence (ireland) Limited
BAF Baf Film Distribution Limited Baf Film Distribution Limited
BAG Bag-age (swan Centre) Limited Baguley Process Management (b.p.m.) Limited
BAH Bahaa Marks Limited Bahrain Rehabilitation & Anti-violence Organisation Limited
BAI Bai - Business Auditing Image And Consultancy Limited Baize Textiles Marketing Limited
BAJ Bajka Pre-school Limited Bajo Suspended Ceilings Limited
BAK Bakarac Electro Limited Bak Zone Limited
BAL Balabriggan Celestial Church Of Christ Limited Balyna Rural Enterprise, Development Association Company Limited By Guarantee
BAM Bambam Play & Learn Limited Bamson Turf Limited
BAN Banaghan & Co (stationery) Limited Banyan Tree Limited
BAP Bapa Invest Limited Baptist Mid Missions
BAR Barac Automation Limited Barytes Enterprises Limited
BAS Bas (byrne Aerial Systems) Limited Bastow Charleton Wealth Management Limited
BAT Bata Agus Bothar Teoranta Batt O'connor Air Conditioning Limited
BAU Bauer Chimneys Limited Baunmore Online Limited
BAV Bavaria City Racing Limited Bavaria Timber Limited
BAW Bawn Area Community Groups Company Limited By Guarantee Bawn Villas Management Company Limited
BAX Bax Glaze Limited Baxter Technologies Limited
BAY Bay Automation Limited Bayview Stores Limited
BAZ Bazaar Sales Limited Bazaar Textile Company Limited