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Companies A-Z index C

Name From To
C C 2 C Limited C & Y Network And Trade Limited
C- C-celt Teoranta C-wire Limited
C2 C2b Card Limited C2r Strategies Limited
C3 C3i Command Control Communications Intelligence (holdings) International Limited C3 Loyalty Programmes Limited
CA Caadmann Rubber Limited Caz Tec Limited
CB Cba And Festival Limited Cb Visual Communications Solutions Limited
CC Cca Recycling Limited Cc Watercourse Management Limited
CD Cd 1 Clothing Limited Cdwow Ie Limited
CE Cea Advisors Limited Cezanne Properties Limited
CF Cfa Advisors Limited Cfx Live Limited
CG Cgak Restaurants Limited Cg Training Limited
CH Ch2m Hill Idc - Limited Chyme Tape Productions Limited
CI Ciall Cheannaithe Actuarial Services And Software Development Limited Cix Limited
CJ Cjb Consultancy Limited Cj Shopfitting Limited
CK Ck 6 Fuels Limited Ck Walsh Gas Limited
CL Clada Care Providers Limited Clynol Cosmetics Ireland Limited
CM Cma/cgm Ireland Limited Cmx Heating & Plumbing Limited
CN Cna Creations Limited Cnw Helicopters Limited
CO Coach Academy Plus Limited Cozy Shield Limited
CP Cp Adventure Limited Cpx Interactive Ireland Limited
CQ Cqs Funds (ireland) Public Limited Company Cqs Global Funds (ireland) Public Limited Company
CR Craanford Community Association Company Limited By Guarantee Cry Wolf Limited
CS Cs-3 Engineering & Software Development Limited Csv Systems Limited
CT Ct2 Heuston Limited Ct Transport Limited
CU Cu Advisory Services Limited Cut Your Bills Limited
CV Cvc Capital Partners Limited Cvs On Cds Limited
CW Cwal Ireland 1 Co Limited Cw Xterior Solutions Limited
CX Cxc Consultants Exchange Limited Cx Oriental Cash & Carry Limited
CY Cy 1 Entertainment Limited Cyril Wharton Plant Services Limited
CZ Czajkowski Sonic Systems Limited Czech Direct Limited