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Name From To
CO Co Ordinated Building Services Limited Co Wexford Community Workshop (new Ross) Company Limited By Guarantee
CO- Co-cos Creche (ireland) Limited Co-working Spaces Ireland Limited
COA Coach Academy Plus Limited Coatings And Technical Tapes Limited
COB Cobalt Blue Limited Cobwebs Cottage Craft Limited
COC Coca-cola Bottling Company (dublin) Limited Coc Street Holdings Unlimited Company
COD Coda Architects Limited Cody Transport Limited
COE Coe Enterprises Limited Coex Plastics Limited
COF Coface Ireland Services Limited Cofunder (ire) Limited
COG Cogan Brothers (carrigaline) Limited Cogs The Brain Shop Limited
COH Cohab Initiative Secretariat Company Limited By Guarantee Coh Suppliers Limited
COI Coiffeur Salons Limited Cois Uisce Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee
COK Coke Lane Developments Limited Coke Lane Developments Limited
COL Cola Finance Unlimited Company Colwell Brothers Limited
COM Comac Cherry Orchard Money Advice Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Comtrom Executive Finance Limited
CON Conacc Multimedia Limited Conyngham Road Management Company Limited By Guarantee
COO Coogan Agricultural And General Hardware Limited Cootehill Tool & Plant Hire Limited
COP Copa Internet Services Limited Copyright Systems Technology (ireland) Limited
COR Corabbey Linens Limited Cory Stae Limited
COS CosÁn BuÍ Limited Cosy Tots & Co. Limited
COT CothÚ Na Mumhan Teoranta Cottonwood Nights Limited
COU Cougar Associates Limited Couture, Form & Scent Limited
COV Covance Clinical And Periapproval Services Limited Covie Publications & Recordings Limited
COW Cowan And Company (furriers) Limited Cow Shed Media Limited
COX Cox And Mc Ternan Limited Cox's School Of Modern Ballroom Dancing Limited
COY Coyle Antiques Limited Coyote Consultancy Limited
COZ Cozent Infotech Limited Cozy Shield Limited