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Companies A-Z index M

Name From To
M M 6 Service Centre Limited M & Y O'neill Jewellers Limited
M- M-birr Limited M-tel. Co. Limited
M1 M11 Creative Development Limited M1 Drogheda Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee
M2 M2c Wireless Machine Limited M2 Sport - Teamwear & Sports Kits Limited
M3 M33 Sports Events Limited M3 Tyre Services Limited
M4 M4478 Peak Altitude Holdings Limited M4s Wireless Limited
M5 M50 Bookkeeping & Payroll Services Limited M50 Transport Services Limited
M7 M7 Trailers Limited M7 Vehicle Testing Limited
M9 M9 Truck Parts Limited M9 Truck Parts Limited
MA Maam Cross Developments Limited Mazzini Fashion Culture Limited
MB Mb Accounting Services Limited Mb Wholesale Meats Limited
MC Mc2 Accountants Limited Mcx Software & System Consulting Ireland Limited
MD Md7 International (telecommunications) Limited Md Workman Limited
ME Mead Day Nursery Company Limited By Guarantee Mezzo Restaurant Limited
MF Mfa Football Company Limited By Guarantee Mfv Star Of Hope Limited
MG Mg Accounting Services Limited Mg Zenith Solutions Limited
MH Mha Quantity Surveying Limited Mh Vision Limited
MI Mia Consultants Limited Mizzonis Pizza & Pasta Company Limited
MJ Mj Accounting Limited Mj Wines Limited
MK Mk Accounting & Consulting Limited Mkw Training Limited
ML Ml Asset Management Holdings Limited Mls Wholesale Limited
MM Mma & B Limited Mm Technology Limited
MN Mna Blockwork Limited Mn Waste Management Limited
MO Moanbane Park Residents Association Limited Moyvilla West Properties Limited
MP Mp Apartments Limited Mpvo Family Food Systems Limited
MQ Mqm Compactors Limited Mqm Construction Limited
MR Mra Architecture Limited Mry (canary Wharf) Limited
MS Ms Absolute Finance Limited Msx International Netherlands B.v.
MT Mt A1 Construction Limited Mtv Energy Solutions Limited
MU Muchwood Homes Limited Muzo Nation Limited
MV Mv Engineering Limited Mvt (jpy) Limited
MW Mwasi Ya Kilo Limited Mw (wholesale) Blinds Limited
MX Mx Cad Jewellery Designs Limited Mxg Team Limited
MY My Auction Company Limited Myzanadoo Web Bookings Limited