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Name From To
T T 5 Partnership Limited T W T Technical Water Treatment Limited
T- T-birds Diner Limited T-win Network Solutions Limited
T5 T5 Process Solutions Limited T5 Process Solutions Limited
TA Taaffe Agri Products Limited Taza Bazaar Limited
TB Tbc Food Limited Tbt Security Limited
TC Tc Actuarial Consulting Limited Tc Window Fitters Limited
TD Tda Nutrition Limited Tdw Scaffolders Limited
TE Tea And Coffee Warehouse Limited Text Tell Limited
TF Tfb Finance Limited Tfw Advisory Limited
TG Tg Cafe Limited Tgs Local Taxis Limited
TH Thaddeus O'keeffe & Company Limited Thyssenkrupp Elevator Ireland Limited
TI Tia Clothing Company Limited Tivoli Yarns Limited
TJ Tj Accountants Limited Tjt Telecoms Limited
TK Tk Advertising Limited Tk Tiling Limited
TL Tla Accountants Limited Tls Investments Limited
TM Tm2 Architecture Limited Tmt Tele-medical Triage Limited
TN Tn Complete Consulting Limited Tnv Taxi Services Limited
TO Toal Developments Limited Toytown Toys Limited
TP Tp Beverages Limited Tpy Easkey Limited
TQ Tqs Integration Limited Tqs Ireland Limited
TR Tr2 Holdings Limited Try To Match Seven Limited
TS Ts Accounting Services Limited Tsunami Training Limited
TT Tt Business Consultants Limited Tt (trenchless Technology) Ireland Limited
TU Tuaim Na Dtonn Owners Management Company Limited Tux 'r' Us Limited
TV Tv3 Broadcasting Limited Tv Town Limited
TW Tw Clarke Limited Twyford Cars Limited
TY Tybroughney Milling Limited Tyton Construction Roscommon Limited
TZ Tzar Investments Limited Tz Lin And Xu Limited