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Name From To
TA Ta Brasserie 7 Limited Ta Hotels Limited
TAA Taaffe Agri Products Limited Taava Business Applications Limited
TAB Tabb Enterprizes Limited Tabu Productions Limited
TAC Taca Solutions Limited Tactica Team Limited
TAD Tada Import & Export Limited Tado Autos Limited
TAE Tae Kwon-do (rita) Limited Tae Relays Limited
TAF Taft Hotels Limited Taft Hotels Limited
TAG Tag-a-bin Limited Tag Touch Marketing Solutions Limited
TAH Tahchee Couriers Limited Tahoma Limted
TAI Taibhdhearc Na Gaillimhe Amharclann Naisiunta Na Gaeilge Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn RÁthaÍochta Taiwan Machinery Trade Centre Limited
TAJ Taj Accura Pharmaceuticals Limited Taj Taxis Limited
TAK Take A Break Guineys Limited Takumi Precision Engineering Limited
TAL Talamh Nua Limited Taltan Investments Limited
TAM Tam Agencies Limited Tamwell Diesel Garages Limited
TAN Tan And Talons Limited Tanzone (dundrum) Limited
TAO Taoc Academy Limited Tao Tao Inn Limited
TAP Tapas And Taps Limited Taps And Sinks Online Limited
TAR Tara Academy Limited Tartan Pie Limited
TAS Taserra Wine Merchants Limited Tasty Treats Cafe Limited
TAT Tatabi Studio Limited Tattyreagh Livestock Limited
TAU Taugheen Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee Tau Sports Limited
TAV Tavern Technical Services Limited Tav's Pizza Company Limited
TAW Tawley Deer Farming Limited Tawnies Engineering Limited
TAX Tax-acc Services Limited Tax World Limited
TAY Taygeta Quantitative Research Limited Tay Valley Technologies Limited
TAZ Taza Bazaar Limited Taza Bazaar Limited